A Family Weekend

To celebrate our 10th anniversary, partners, managers and families went to the north of Portugal for a cruise on the waters that our business further into success. Rui Nunes and João Carvalho opened this company’s doors on September 1st 2006. Ten years later, they celebrate this dream with their families.

“Congratulations to Maquinar Mais, a dream come true. Congratulations to all who belong to this dream, all who work with our company. Congratulations to the managers, to all our clients, who have been partners for the past ten years. Congratulations also to our outfitters, who are our partners as well. And congratulations to all those who, some way or another, have reached us in this time”, said João Carvalho, one of the managers.

João said this in the Pocinho train station, in Vila Nova de Foz Coa, after a long cruise in the Douro river that started in Peso da Regua. And it was there, the capital of Portugal’s wine farms that the Maquinar Mais family got together from the 17th to The 18th of September 2016.

There was a night with a view to the Douro, a cruise along the river, meeting some of it’s most important dams. The scenery was the company’s gift to those who closely support this project.

Rosária Rato married Rui Nunes, one of Maquinar Mais’ managers, 27 years ago. Therefore, she closely saw the company’s growth: “Congratulations, Maquinar Mais. I wish you all may continue to grow and that these ten years seem short in a decades long future where you’ll grow, invest and think in your costumers and your Maquinar Mais’ family. I can only thank you for being here today, as a sidekick, on this amazing birthday party”.

Everyone joined the party, from the older workers to the newest. Daniel Gaio, one of the first to join the company, sends his “congratulations to Maquinar Mais for the team, the attitude, for many years”. Manuel Martinho, one of the newest, doesn’t wish any less: “Congratulations to Maquinar Mais for the excellent team we have here. I hope to keep being part of it for a long time”.

The company’s tenth anniversary will remain in the memories of those who have seen it’s growth from up close, e of those who work everyday for ten more years full steam ahead.