Maquinar Mais stands for the right to food with a social cause


For the second time, Maquinar Mais (MM) joined the cause “Direito à Alimentação” (right to food), to help several solidarity institutions in the Vila Franca de Xira municipality.

“Direito à Alimentação” is a food gathering to help social institutions. This is the project’s fourth year and it is an extracurricular activity at the Professor Reynaldo dos Santos High School.

Maquinar’s contribution “was very important, allowing us to buy more fore that made all difference in the final result of this action an in the amount of people that we could help”, said Margarida Nunes, the project’s coordinator.

According with the coordinator, MM offered about half of the 883 products raised in this edition of the campaign.

“We bought several kinds of non-perishable foods, like milk, rice, pasta and food cans”, said Margarida Nunes about the donation made by Maquinar.

This products were given to APATI, Companheiros da Noite and Cáritas Portuguesa. Apart this institutions, the donations were also used to the breakfasts of Reynaldo dos Santos school’s students.

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